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Cainishang Company: Your Premier Clothing & Accessories Partner

At Cainishang, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of fashion innovation, expertly designing, manufacturing, and exporting a diverse range of clothing and accessories. With a strong foundation in ODM & OEM services, we tailor our offerings to meet your exacting standards, ensuring that every product delivered is one that resonates with satisfaction.

Strategically situated near the bustling Zhongda Fabric Market in Guangzhou, our factory leverages this prime location to access premium materials, enabling us to craft quality apparel at competitive prices. Our product catalog is a testament to our versatility, featuring elegant women's wear, crisp shirts, and flowing skirts that cater to a global clientele.

Our esteemed customers from Europe, America, Australia, the Middle East, and North America can attest to our commitment to quality and affordability. In response to the evolving landscape of cross-border e-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Wish, Cainishang has implemented a suite of seller-friendly initiatives. These include a low minimum order quantity of just 100 pieces, expedited express delivery (ranging from 5 to 25 days), and complimentary factory stocking services.

We invite partners and clients, both domestic and international, to forge a prosperous business and a cordial relationship built on the principles of equality and mutual benefit. For a closer look at our offerings, competitive pricing, and to view images of our latest collections, please reach out to us. Connect with Cainishang today to illuminate your fashion business with our natural market advantages and dedicated support.


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